Launch, re-launch.

New Year’s Resolution: maintain that blog I’m always talking about.

I spent most of last semester reading about gendered media coverage and narratives in women’s sports, and following NCAA women’s soccer. Cal was particularly interesting–through the lens of the athletics site, The Daily Californian, and Twitter, and on the heels of Sky Blue FC’s poorly explained revolving door for coaches.

Not that my main interest here is Cal, SBFC, gender, or coaches. I get caught up in the access, media, and narrative aspects.  I follow teams because they are interesting, not because they are good. At long-distance, I’m more likely to become a fan of good sports stories (and writers) than of the latest goal scorer in powder blue.

Originally, I was going to do this blog with a friend. [We can still do that, friend!] For a couple of reasons, I feel the need to start now. From an academic angle, I need to jump into a certain project right away, and I think this blog will help me stay engaged. From a soccer and sport angle, I feel the need to get settled here before the major tournaments start.


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