U-20 WNT coverage might be one of my favorite topics.

Last week, when talking about U-20 coverage, I said that FSC was going to air the games “instead.” Glad I had that wrong.  FSC is going to air a few games, but only a couple of US ones and post-group play. CONCACAF.com is going to stream the whole tournament, live and (fingers crossed) on demand. Way to go CONCACAF! First with YouTube in 2008, now on your own site. This helps me overlook the 2008 highlight video’s error in saying that the U-20 World Cup was played in China, and the misplacement of Noyola as one of Mexico’s U-20s.

All 16 games can be watched at CONCACAF.com’s video portal, CONCACAF TV, the first time a continental confederation has offered free comprehensive live coverage of a youth tournament online. Users will have to sign-up to view the games, but there is no charge for the one-time registration.

“Our internet coverage of this tournament represents a major milestone for CONCACAF and the football world,” CONCACAF President Jack Warner. “We are now able to provide live streaming free-of-charge for this and other youth tournaments which previously lacked broadcast distribution.”

Check out those quotes. No gender qualifiers. This is not the first time a “women’s youth tournament” will have comprehensive live coverage. This is not a major milestone for “women’s football.” The gender is neither highlighted nor exclusionary. It’s true that the CONCACAF site still somewhat maintains the mainstream hierarchy (as discussed in “Making Masculinity and Framing Femininity”) but CONCACAF’s redesign seems far less supportive of Meân’s division than the mess USSoccer.com decided was an “upgrade.”

Today’s games will be Canada vs. Costa Rica (3 p.m. EST) and Guatemala vs. Cuba (5:30 p.m. EST). Tomorrow’s games will be Trinidad and Tobago vs. Mexico (3 p.m. EST) and Jamaica vs. US (5:30 p.m. EST).


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