At the end of group in Guatemala.

As of last night, group play is over in the CONCACAF qualifiers. Since I don’t have FSC, I can’t speak to that experience, but CONCACAF put together both live and on-demand video of each game. The viewing experience was mixed–because of my schedule, I was only able to watch a few live feeds. Mostly, I relied on the archive. I appreciate this option, but there is some loss in the experience. Live feeds include some pregame commentary and postgame interviews, neither of which is included in the archive. Clips from interviews are included in the “Up Close” videos, but I have yet to find the interviews in their entirety.

CONCACAF’s galleries have been interesting, too. Unlike previous cycles, the US does not appear to have a photographer at the qualifiers, so what CONCACAF posts is what the US gets. These are a lower quality and strictly game-focused, but it’s a step up that these galleries exist at all. Canada provides a gallery scroll, buried at the bottom of the CSA’s main page, but the images are small and hard to find once they are bumped from the main page.

I haven’t watched the end of Canada-Guatemala or either of yesterday’s games yet, so I don’t have much game commentary to offer. My general impressions so far are mixed. Canada’s lack of dominance surprised me. The US has assumed its usual role, and I worry that the team will struggle at the World Cup if they aren’t tested in the next few months. I found it fitting that Mexico scored on the US, and I was pleased that Costa Rica advanced to the semis.

I wish US Soccer would give its women’s teams more respect. The U-20 team has been fun to watch. In particular, I like seeing how Nairn and Leroux have changed since I first saw them in 2008. They were both good then, and they are even better now.


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