Drafty thoughts, take 2?

I am still avoiding reading too generally about the draft. If it doesn’t show up in my RSS feeds, I don’t go looking for it, so of course I am not reminded to come back here and write about it. I did run into–by way of a friend–DiCicco’s comments about this year’s sleepers.

I spent most of the second half of the draft wondering whether Gina DiMartino pulled out or didn’t put her name in. In the latter rounds, after every pick, I was thinking, “Okay, the next one will be her.” But the next one was never her, until the end of the sixth round (56). For comparison, the other Golden Eagle in the draft, Kelly Henderson, went at 31 to Philadelphia.

There are a few reasons I expected DiMartino to carry more value than she apparently did in this draft. Yes, the one W-League game I saw her in last summer was not impressive, but since I had put off W-League games until the end of the season, that particular game didn’t mean anything to either team. Look at Boston College’s run in the fall. There was actually someone worth cheering for in the ACC, who really should have had a chance against UNC. DiMartino wasn’t the “star” of that team–if anyone, it was her sister–but she is quite good. She was good enough just a year before to make DiCicco’s U-20 roster and get minutes–not every one of those players did.

So, at least a third of this draft made sense to me. There were some very late picks that were headscratchers, not so much because they were late picks, but because of who came before. Because of that, a lot of this draft makes me think of the Athletica roster from preseason last year. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I expect a lot of cuts in this class’ future.

Perhaps the most painful cuts are going to come from FC Gold Pride. The team underperformed last year, lost a lot of talent in the offseason, traded away one of the most consistently hardworking players, then put together 2010’s best draft selections. The first four picks are a cohesive, standout unit, and the last four are nothing to scoff at. Still, someone has to go.

That’s the thing about drafts. They get your hopes up, then gut you in time for opening day. By the end of the season, the big-name cuts have either mysteriously disappeared or landed a spot on a postseason roster. Some even wind up on the championship team, and you have to wonder, why couldn’t that have worked in our system?


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