So much for draft thoughts.

One of the perks of having two writers at this blog is that we often don’t focus on the same teams or topics. I don’t have much to say about the LA Sol except that this is a nice approach (notifying the fans of what to expect from the LA web presence) and I really wish FC Gold Pride wasn’t doomed to be the next Marta’s Team, but I’m not holding my breath. I liked the early rumor that Athletica’s big trade was to put it in a position to draft her.

While the past few days have seen things happening in the WPS, the CONCACAF U-20 tournament was winding down. I caught 15 or 20 minutes of the final replay on FSC after having watched it live on CONCACAF’s stream. I still prefer the stream, choppy as it was sometimes, but I can appreciate that FSC actually aired games from a women’s youth tournament. I wonder what prompted that.

A friend suggested that I actually write about my thoughts on the games at some point. I don’t know what prompted that, either, and I worry that I have let too much time pass to say anything specific.

Ahead of the semis, I called a Mexico-US final because Canada seemed to have struggled in group play. Something wasn’t clicking, to the point that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see them lose a game in group. I didn’t expect them to completely run out of luck in the consolation match, though. Costa Rica was good–I think the result was fair, given how unconvincing Canada was–but I am going to miss having the chance to follow the Canadians this summer.

I think the US got a taste of competition once they got out of group. They faded quickly after their first game. This is still a decent team, but it doesn’t seem to be a good team the way last cycle’s was. They don’t seem to be clicking. Mexico is good, but the US has some great players at its disposal. It would be nice to see a few roster changes before the World Cup. I have some suggestions, but I think I used all of my brownie points on Henninger.

Mexico’s performance, by the way, almost makes up for not having Canada at the World Cup. I can see them making it out of group as long as the draw doesn’t land them in a group of death.


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