If we give it time, it will make itself known to us.

So, a really great PitchInvasion profiled former Portland Pilot and current Chicago Red Stars goalkeeper Kelsey Davis. The article touched on a lot of things that I think are relevant to both women’s sports and soccer fans, as my cohort has mentioned. Yet you wouldn’t really know it by taking a gander at the higher-profile women’s sports blogs. Andrew Guest obviously understands a lot about soccer and college athletics and was also well-read enough to pick out a Merton quote which I believe was the driving force behind the most interesting part of the article.

Plenty of bloggers want to jump on an athlete when they cite faith as a motivating factor for almost anything.  They seemed particularly gleeful at tearing Tim Tebow apart for his Focus on the Family-funded ad. (As a disclaimer: I dislike both football and FotF.  Both have deceiving names, to different, somewhat negative ends) Yet when a great article (both for writing and the athlete it profiles) appears and the athlete is at once intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, generous and religious?  Heaven forbid we make note of it.

I’m not going to pass judgement on this… non-practice?  In fact, I could be entirely off-base, but I felt it worth mentioning.

(As a personal aside, I’ve been lucky enough seen Kelsey Davis play in person. For someone so kind, she is pretty terrifying in front of the goal. As she was shouting direction at her defenders, I overheard opposing team fans say, “Is THAT their goalkeeper?”  You couldn’t hear anyone else in that stadium as clearly as Davis.)

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