So there is a women’s tournament right now?

With the Canadian Women’s National Team currently competing in Cyprus, I feel like there has been an explosion of coverage that I haven’t been able to find since the World Cup or Olympics. Last year, there was the occasional video, but for years, my main method of CWNT news has been “anywhere but” Sorry CSA–that means player sites, fan sites, and sometimes even message boards.

This time around, I haven’t needed to go out of my way at all. On Twitter, CanadaSoccerEN has text and photo updates from training and games, and isn’t afraid to use hashtags. There are players on Twitter that fans have been encouraged to follow, and the players’ sites/blogs have been illuminating, as usual.

The videos (interviews and game highlights) are now on YouTube. And yes, the video is not high quality, but it exists. Christine Sinclair scored her 100th career goal and fans get to see that. The US made a big deal out of Wambach getting her 100th (against Canada and in her hometown), so it’s good to see Sinclair get at least some of her due. It would have been better to see her do that last summer, against the US, and–let’s get ambitious here–before Wambach, but the milestone has been met. Congratulations, Sinclair. Good on you, Canada.


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