“She’s not a puppy midfielder. She’s a puppy forward.”

Back when we started working on this Cross-Conference project, we tossed around the idea of a podcast. I am much more of a textually-oriented person, but my partner here has radio experience and I am always up for learning new media. So we have finally gotten this part of the project together.

Our first run with the podcast has been a learning experience. The final cut was our third time recording. We went from 20 minutes in our first try to 50 in our third (which was then edited down, fortunately). We would like to apologize for first time mistakes and the background noise. When you don’t have a decent internet connection at home, you go where you can for that, even if it’s not the best place to be recording.

In this episode, we expand on our draft thoughts, the USWNT and Algarve, and recent USWNT veterans. The national team commentary is dated now, as this was recorded on Saturday. Can’t wait to improve in the next run!

[Editing to add that we would appreciate feedback. We are already talking about what we need to change and smooth out, but we can stand outside input.]


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