Opening windows and tidying up.

The past week has felt like spring around here, so I have been cleaning. I have also been fact-checking, belatedly. A friend pointed out that what I said in the podcast about Lydia Williams filling an international spot was wrong–oops. That doesn’t negate that she has to be a decent goalkeeper in order to have filled a WPS roster spot and have a place on Australia’s senior national team, but I do stand corrected.

Fact-checking also led to finding the mention of Brittany Timko’s ACL tear. Given that I’ve been mostly positive about Canada’s Cyprus coverage compared to how US Soccer handled Algarve, I’m disappointed that I didn’t know about this sooner (on the bright side: that might be my own fault). A little extra searching led me to this:

Sinclair doesn’t particularly concern herself with personal accolades, but admits reaching the century mark was a relief.

“It was exciting,” she said. “In my head I was just thanking God it was all over with. I was sitting on 99 goals for eight or nine months.”

The humble Sinclair describes the milestone goal as anti-climatic. Actually, Sinclair was just as concerned about teammate Brittany Timko being hurt on the play.

“Half the team was cheering for my 100th, the other half concerned with Brit crumpled on the ground,” she said.

The severity of Timko’s injury is unknown and there is heartfelt concern in Sinclair’s voice. This shouldn’t surprise, as Sinclair always has been a consummate team player. Her genuine appreciation of her teammates’ contributions to her success makes it all that much more endearing.

This is unfortunate, but the timing isn’t terrible. Timko could be back in form for the World Cup squad, although she will probably miss qualifiers.

On a related note, CONCACAF’s qualifying tournament for the Under-17 Women’s World Cup begins 3/10 with Haiti taking on the US: “Like the CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship in January, all matches from the U-17 event will be streamed live free of charge at Each game will also be available on-demand shortly after its conclusion.”


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