Computers and Writing 2010: raise your hand.

Last fall, I attended my first conference, Feminisms & Rhetorics 2009 at Michigan State University. I had been part of a panel (centered on women’s sports, of course) that had been accepted, but chose not to present. I tagged along with a group from my school anyway, and despite the weather and Michigan in general, had fun.

So a couple weeks later, while starting my research proposal, I also chipped in on a panel proposal for Computers and Writing 2010. This panel is a little more diverse–focusing on “social media as transformative practice”–but my contribution is still soccer-centric.

I am curious as to whether anyone from the WPS or women’s sports community will be at the C&W onsite in May. I find it really problematic that my formal research and informal readings outside of the immediate women’s soccer community largely ignore women’s soccer, even when the discussion is about women’s sports and social media. So, presenting or not, will WPS/WSoc folks be at C&W? This seems like a really good opportunity to contribute to the larger discussion.

Plus, it takes place during the WPS break, so there are no worries about missing games that weekend.


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