You were always on my mind

Current circumstances prevent me from posting as often as I’d like, but there were a few links that I collected that I thought worth mentioning.

  • I make no secret of the fact that I’m a Chicago Red Stars supporter and that I think it’s going to be another rough season. I don’t despair, however, for two reasons. One, I’m trying to not to get to the point where they can make me despair and two, Kate Markgraf is back. I’m of the opinion that if she had never been moved to the wings, she would be the most highly rated central defender in the world.
  • Puma has signed Natasha Kai. I’ll have more to say about the promotion of female athletes on a later date, but I think this is interesting. Natasha Kai is quite the gregarious and flamboyant player and is highly enjoyable to watch. Sound like anyone else? Perhaps Puma can make a better ad than they did last year. (No more hugging, please.)
  • The WPS has launched its first fantasy game. Which has clearer rules than their All-Star Game selection procedure. (I’m just waiting for the “secret rule you didn’t know” tactic to be pulled out.)

    P.S. If you do create a team, please feel free to join our league, CrossConference. Try to beat my team, the Cheerios! (It won’t be hard. I tend to get busy with other tasks and make poor decisions when I commit myself to these sorts of things, so I’ve never done well. To give you an example, I played an EPL fantasy game in which I chose David James.  And just left him there.  So… yeah. That.)

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