Cross-Conference Cast Episode 03 – “That Took A Long Time”

In what should be the last episode with aggravating background noise, we discuss:

  • The USWNT v Mexico WNT games. Which I can barely remember now, frankly.
  • The U-17 CONCACAF qualifying tournament and the US FAIL.
  • Kerri Hanks = WTF?
  • WPS Preseason chatter
  • The All-Star Game format and how they should just play CalvinBall instead.
  • Hair
  • WPS Fantasy Futbol
  • The Cross Conference Awards. The Kelsey Davis Award for Excellence went to @daviskelsey and the Twitter award went to @markgraf15

Music featured: “Womanopoly” – Musiq; “Last Stop” – The Weather Machines; “Get What You Want” – Operator Please; “My Mathematical Mind” – Spoon; “We’ve Got Some Breaking Up To Do” – Private


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