Coin toss, flip throw.

The semester isn’t over yet here, but I just caught this blog entry (via Girls With Game) in my reader and decided to take a break from revisions. I’m excited to talk about narratives, the way article-writing software is proving my point, and the academic crush I have on Lindsey Meân. For now, I’m willing to settle for giving my two cents on the flip throw. Quick disclaimer: my partner in crime at the Cross-Conference disagrees with me on the usefulness of flip throws. Scroll past, my friend.

Last year, FSC commentators were wetting themselves over Natalie Spilger’s flip throw, as though they had never watched an NCAA game, or even that U-20 World Cup tournament that they referenced in today’s broadcast. (Texas’ Leah performed it for Brazil.) Obviously, Kiki Bosio’s  flip throw is the one getting talked up a lot right now, and I have to wonder whether Michele Weissenhofer is ever going to have a chance to use hers. (None of them actually does it for every throw in, although Bosio did in today’s game.) Having played for Notre Dame, Weissenhofer would have one of the most televised (or webcast) flip throws in women’s soccer right now. While hers was good and not over-utilized, I don’t think her flip throw was the most impressive part of the arsenal when the Irish were still a team that capitalized on very exacting set plays. Overall, I think Bosio’s throw has been the most effective in terms of creating scoring chances–both in the NCAA and WPS–but I wouldn’t begrudge any team a gimmick. I certainly wouldn’t begrudge Chicago a scoring chance, if they could find a way to make the flip throw work for them. I don’t think they have so far.

So I’d caution against simply asking who is going to bring the flip throw, unless the aim of that is PR and marketing. Who is going to bring a dangerous one? might be the better question. For me, the question is whether I’m going to have to follow the Australian W-League more closely than I did last season, because if Bosio signs with a team down there, I sure as hell will.


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