Citation needed. Archive needed.

It’s the beginning of summer for those of us in college. For some, this means we finally have a couple weeks off after the spring before starting summer classes or going right into work. For me, it means finding the ambition for projects.

I understand that the women’s soccer presence has been growing on Wikipedia. This is great. This means that fans and non-fans can find basic information about women’s soccer teams, players, and history. But a lot gets left out or deleted from Wiki because women’s soccer is just barely “notable” and the players are even less-so. “Notability” is subjective and dependent on the big scheme of things. Wiki covers everything, after all. Young players, in particular, and players who are no longer “prominent” can end up flagged for deletion, which is a shame, because there is no decent archive for women’s soccer. US Soccer regularly makes older women’s soccer information hard to access, and the international information is often very hard to find or dig through.

I really wish women’s soccer had its own wiki, subject to its own sphere of “notability.” There is so much history that is only present in lore and the stories passed from fan to fan. There are facts that are only available briefly, until the next update or until more space is needed. A wiki wouldn’t solve the problem of lost videos or pictures, but it could help with facts, statistics, and the kind of information that is relevant to us, even though it’s not as relevant to others.


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