Dear Chicago.

Oh, Chicago. For an ownership, team and staff that is doing everything else right for the fans, from merchandise to social media, they can’t seem to give fans what they deserve: a shit.

With the notable exception of Karen Carney (who seems to take some losses on herself, the way you want from a player but so rarely expect or see), there is no game plan, no burning desire to take over a game. And because, in sports, we who do not work on the field point fingers at the coach and pat the backs of players, let’s start with the coach.

Is there a hot seat in Chicago?

No, it seems like there is not. The Red Stars are on their way to a second losing season. They have 3 goals in 6 games.  I said in my last post, were this the men’s game, Emma Hayes’ job would be on the line a month ago, if not at the end of last season. This team is starting to look like they are an object lesson on the definition of insanity: doing the same thing week after week, expecting different results. (And, alright, I will grant Boston was different, but that’s more Boston’s problem than Chicago’s success.)

It’s never really looked like Hayes has been pressured to win games for Chicago. She’s complained about the refs, about injuries and about Rapinoe (who seems to be a particularly favored punching bag for Hayes). But I don’t hear solutions.  (Here’s a free one: Rapinoe is a central midfielder, and notions to the contrary are sweet, but misguided.)

I might contrast this with Jim Gabarra. I think there’s pressure from DC ownership to have a winning team. Maybe that’s a WUSA legacy, maybe not, but I don’t see that pressure from Chicago. Maybe they’ve focused so much on doing everything else right (and they are, they really, really are) that they forgot that what is most important is what happens in those 90 minutes each week. If Hayes doesn’t start coaching like her job depended on it, I think it’s time to look elsewhere.


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