St. Louis: Another one to bite the dust?

St. Louis has money problems. (It’s like LA deja vu, except with better parking!)

In the early spring of 2009, I remember having a phone conversation with the co-author of this blog. I think we may have discussed the WPS games we would attend, the media we would pay attention to (and how awful it could be), and also about starting the project you are reading now. But I distinctly remember her mentioning how terrible St. Louis’ front office was. They sucked at marketing, especially social media, and sucked at reaching out to the fans, specifically the ones who cared enough to really show up for a team that only existed on paper at that point.

Not that St. Louis soccer supporters were any better.  They seemed more concerned about the ill-fated bid to get an MLS team than supporting the team that was right at their doorstep.

For the record, I hope St. Louis doesn’t go away. I like their logo. It would be nice to build up a real rivalry between them and Chicago. They’ll leave FC Gold Pride even farther away from another WPS team.

(Aside: I’d love to connect this to that befuddling trade somehow, but that business was seriously more confusing than Syriana.)


One Response to St. Louis: Another one to bite the dust?

  1. vRm says:

    Thanks for covering this so I don’t have to. I feel like a broken record when I talk about St. Louis. For consideration, here is the Free Kicks entry about the “situation”:

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