CRS to Hayes: Bye, bye, bye

While the topic accounted for 50% of my posts this month, I’m still surprised to see Emma Hayes let go.  Maybe because I doubted the gumption of Chicago Red Stars ownership after waiting for so long to see some evidence of pressure.

I do wish her luck in the future. She was always very good with the fans. She seemed very focused on what she wanted to do; it just never ended up working for the Red Stars.

So who’s up next? I think it’s an attractive job.  Definitely a daunting task to carve out something positive from a battered team of women who sometimes look like they’ve never seen each other on grass before.  At least Chicago has shown they are not trigger happy when it comes to coaches who do not perform immediately.

I know my dream pick. What’s yours?

(Unrelated: can someone please give Charlie Naimo’s number to Marcia McDermott?  I think she lost her cell and needs numbers.)


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