Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 06 – Emergency Podcast

New pod! We recorded yesterday, right before the big acquisitions were made.

Discussed: St. Louis Athletica has been slain, a restarted (and extra classy) Chicago gets a win, the Dogs of War are released on Sarah Huffman, the US U20 World Cup roster is unleashed, and we’re still excited for Our Game Magazine.

St. Louis folds, then tweets badly.

Chicago Red Stars will honor StL home tickets.

Boston and Sky Blue play a snoozefest at Rutgers. And they’re looking to repeat at Harvard on the 13th!

Chicago finally won a game; FC Gold Pride helping them by starting Marta, Sinclair, O’Hara and Milbrett.

In the weekend’s televised game, the Washington Freedom stuck it to Philly, beating them 2-1; while the Independence appeared to attempt a mafia hit on Sarah Huffman. The Freedom also chose to wear these things in honor of Memorial Day. Awful, but not nearly as awful as the US Men’s World Cup squad wearing pants half a foot too long to meet multiple presidents.

China did not qualify for the Women’s World Cup for the first time in… ever. While Australia ruled the AFC on PKs.

The US U-20 Women’s World Cup roster was released, and FYI, I was right about Kendall Johnson.

The US U-23s took a rather uninspiring trip to Germany.

During recording, Charlie Naimo was named Technical Advisor of the Chicago Red Stars.

Our Game Magazine is out.


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