More NCAA conference movement!

It wasn’t a secret that Utah was one of the schools the Pac-10 was after in expansion. The acceptance was announced today, and Utah is set to begin play in 2011.

As usual, we have a general release from the school and conference. Specific to women’s soccer, we have Utah Women’s Soccer’s tumblog and twitter (and coach).

Unlike Colorado–which I have been following individually for two years and a year or two prior just as a member of the Big 12–Utah and its conference aren’t ones I’m familiar with except in relation to how they perform against my schools. So I did some quick schedule-checking.

Utah is supposed to make this move in 2011. In 2010, the Utes will play Pac-10’s Washington State, Stanford, Arizona, and Oregon State. So far as it pertains to me and my West Coast Conference point of view, they will play Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount, Saint Mary’s,  and Santa Clara. In 2009, the Utes beat Santa Clara 1-0, tied Loyola Marymount 2-2, and lost to Colorado (2-1), UCLA (6-1), and Pepperdine (1-0). That’s better than 2008, which included a scoreless draw with Loyola Marymount and losses to Arizona (4-0), Oregon (3-2), Oregon State (1-0), and Washington (3-0).

Comparatively, Colorado has games in 2010 against Gonzaga, Washington State, and UCLA. The Buffs didn’t have the best season in 2009, as an 8-1 win over Saint Mary’s doesn’t balance against the losses to Oregon (2-1), Stanford (4-0), and even Santa Clara (1-0). In 2008, Colorado beat USF (4-1) and Gonzaga (1-0).

For reference, here are the regular season standings for the relevant conferences the past two seasons:

  • Big 12: 2009, 2008
  • Mountain West: 2009 (Utah finished third behind BYU and San Diego State), 2008
  • Pac-10: 2009, 2008
  • West Coast Conference: 2009, 2008

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