Look, someone needs to clear this up for Philly…

Q: Do the fans in Eastern PA call the Philadelphia Independence “Indy,” “Indie,” “Indies,” or any other variation on “Independence?” What do you call this WPS team?

I ask out of curiosity, because I noticed earlier in the season that it was being shortened that way on Twitter. I’ve seen it throughout the season, now. Given that I have strong ties to both Indianapolis and the Philadelphia area, I find the nickname confusing. I have grown up knowing that “Indy” means Indianapolis and “indie” has to do with media. Any and everything related to Philadelphia is “Philly.” “Indy” is two characters shorter than “Philly,” but that only matters on Twitter–not on blogs, and certainly not when spoken.

If the nickname is being used by someone without connections to either of those areas, I can understand. Since Indy and Philly are engrained so specifically in my vocabulary, I don’t notice the difference in which people use the long and short forms, so I don’t know how widespread the nicknames are.

If the nicknames are widespread, and the Indy/Indie nickname is being used by a non-fan, I can understand–maybe it’s derogatory. It reads as wrong to me, not to mention that textually, it looks diminutive. So if the intent is to mock, then okay, but you might want to make your mocking more obvious.

I asked my sister’s boyfriend, who doesn’t have the Indy ties that I do, which nickname makes more sense for Philadelphia Independence. As a PA boy, he assures me that it’s Philly and no self-respecting Philadelphia fan would call the team Indy. But I get it, that’s just one guy. Maybe this is something the Philadelphia ownership, media, or team started. Although, I would find that baffling because… supposedly this team is supposed to be for the Philly area, right?

I know it’s a long shot to have a WPS team in Indy. Regardless, we can’t just go mixing our local nicknames. Philly is a standard.


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