The U-20 Women’s World Cup starts tomorrow!

I am so anxious for the U-20 WWC to start that I’m just going to update this entry throughout the day. SO EXCITED that it actually deserves all caps.


  • FIFA did a mild redesign of the U-20 page! What do you have to say to that, Lindsay Mean?
  • There are previews of each group. Trivia: the only group game that the US has lost at the U-20 level since 2004 was the final group game in 2008, when DiCicco completely shook the lineup.
  • There is also a preview of the July 13 matches. I will be cheering for the teams that don’t kick puppies.
  • Of all the Brazilian players to focus on, FIFA chose Leah. Sometimes all you can do is sigh and shake your head.
  • Also, supposedly FIFA will be streaming the matches live throughout the tournament. I am a little leery of this because I think I remember hearing something similar last time around, only to find out that this isn’t available in the US. Whatever! I have ESPN3.

Other News

  • In US Soccer news, I was an idiot and missed linking to the U-20’s travel video the other day. There are also entries in the blog.
  • Mexico played an exhibition against Bavaria and won 6-2. Goals came from Alina Garciamendez, Charlyn Corral (2), and Renae Cuellar (3). They open against Japan at 8:30 EST on July 14.
  • Here is the Eurosport TV schedule for all of the U-20 games. I think I missed linking that before.
  • Blah, blah, Germany. In case you can’t tell, you won’t be finding much information on this blog regarding the DEU.
  • I’m sorry for criticizing Ellis this past spring for not bringing Courtney Verloo into camps sooner. Apparently, that was Verloo’s choice.
  • The photos in this blog entry perhaps sum up this year’s US team the best.

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