First set of games on opening day of the U-20 WWC

It’s halftime during the first games, with Germany up 2-1 over Costa Rica and Brazil-DPRK scoreless with an almost even percentage of possession. Quality of possession is probably in DPRK’s favor, though.

  • I appreciate that New Zealand is giving us features and paying attention to its U-20s. First up, a Q&A with Betsy Hassett and Rosie White. Hassett plays for California Berkeley and White played both youth world cups in 2008.
  • There is also an interview with the Junior Ferns’ head coach, Tony Readings.
  • By the way, Marozsan did not start for Germany. Not that they need her for Costa Rica, but they might want her back later.

First game in the group of death ends 1-0 in Korea DPR’s favor. I am starting to think anyone has a chance to make it out.

Germany-Costa Rica, on the other hand, ended 4-2 with five cautions given to Costa Rica and a straight red given to Germany’s Schmidt. Marozsan did not sub in.

Second game in the group of death is actually more entertaining. Even, equal quality possession. 1-0 in New Zealand’s favor off a soft goal. France is 1-0 over Columbia.

In conclusion, New Zealand 1-2 Sweden, and Columbia drew even, 1-1 with France.


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