The rest of the links from Day 2 of the U-20 WWC (and today)


  • Highlighting this, because halftime on ESPN3 is nothing like halftime on ESPNU. ESPN3 stays with FIFA and the game at hand, even if only to replay the highlights.

Yesterday’s Games

Et Cetera

  • US Soccer, in an attempt not to compound their own shortcomings, did an interview with Kendall Johnson.
  • FIFA previews tomorrow’s games and highlights Brazil-Sweden.
  • There is also a feature on Costa Rica.
  • By the way, did you know Chris Wood was at New Zealand’s first game?
  • Unfortunately, he is going to miss their biggest test, tomorrow’s match against Korea DPR.
  • I think most people interested in US women’s soccer have heard the story of what happened at the CONCACAF U-17 Qualifiers between Haiti and the US team. Bryane Haeberlin followed up with the team from Haiti and brought them to the US to spend some time in Florida.
  • CONCACAF shares video of Haiti’s trip.

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