Recapping the U-20 WWC quarterfinals

My first trip to this morning and what do I see? Fatigue blamed for USA failureare you joking me, Heif Ellis? Does anyone really believe that? Sure, this team was probably fatigued, but that is a cheap excuse for the failure. Were they fatigued in qualifiers? Were they fatigued in that first game against Ghana, through all the rest of group play? If fatigue is to blame, then that just backs up the heart of the issue: this wasn’t the team the US was looking for. The force was not strong with these players. Jill Ellis cannot discern when it’s a trap. Need I go on?

This picture from the USWNT blog describes the US U-20s' performance perfectly. I agree, Nairn.

Let’s have some links.

July 29, Semifinals (in Eastern time)

  • 9:30 AM – Germany vs Korea Republic
  • 12:30 PM – Columbia vs Nigeria

5 Responses to Recapping the U-20 WWC quarterfinals

  1. Jenna P says:

    While I agree that Leroux isn’t the complete package she did manage to score five goals in four games after all. How far has she really regressed?

    And yeah, wtf was with the stick-waving episode? It appears as if some USA coaches got caught in the melee but I guess we’ll never truly know.

    • vRm says:

      Good point. To start with scoring, I think that is given too much weight. She’s a forward, so she scores — but two years later (and all that that implies) she should be a more complete package. In 2008, we saw her progress from qualifiers through the championship, but 2008 was a very good team and very supportive. Being on a lesser quality team probably made her less effective, so this can be hard to judge. Leroux is one player that could definitely claim fatigue as the tournament wore on. Probably lost some confidence and enthusiasm, as well, and I don’t blame her. I respect that she is a very good player with a lot of potential, but this campaign sold her short. (It’s possible that my co-writer is going to expand on this point in the near future, so I’ll stop here.)

      I would love to know what happened at the end there! It looked like both teams’ staffs were trying to stop whatever was going on. Haeberlin and Verloo lingered on the scene, and I find it kind of strange that the camera didn’t show any of Henninger after Leroux’s PK.

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  3. Markus says:

    As far as I could see it from the stands the Nigerian player grabbed the corner post for celebration and she was waving it in front of the US bench provokingly. One of the US coaches or a security guy grabbed the post and tore the flag. That was the reason the player got furious.

    • vRm says:

      Thank you for clearing that up! Obviously, it was really hard to tell what happened from the way the webcast breezed right over it.

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