NCAA women’s soccer season is right around the corner

Today we recorded our 10th podcast, and unfortunately most of the women’s soccer news from the past week is bad. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk about the upcoming NCAA season or preview it, even though that would have cheered us right up.

To make up for all the crap the Chicago Red Stars and US U-20 WNT put us through in the past week, I want to share my college soccer happy place: that brief period between the official announcement of the incoming recruits and the beginning of preseason when we are blissfully unaware of injury and illness. We also get to chuckle over the Santa Clara Broncos’ ridiculous number of captains. Four this year, via Facebook:

Congrats to our 2010 Team Captains: Lindsey Johnson, Kendra Perry, Allie Vernon and Bianca Henninger. Thanks for accepting the challenge.

What a challenge that is, too. I adore this team and all their little quirks. You have to laugh about the past four years or you will drown in your tears. The preseason delusion is that all of these Broncos will be healthy and fit to contribute for at least half of the season.

Counting down the days.


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