College pre-season excitement!

Both my co-writer and I are extra excited about this year’s college season. Perhaps because we’ve started this blog and podcast, meaning that all our delight and rage can find a more healthy and productive form of release. But maybe it’s because the US U-20s lived up to our very low expectations, and it would be nice to find reasons to smile again.

I am a Portland Pilots fan. Ruth is a Santa Clara Broncos fan. Needless to say, this makes for interesting discussions, ones in which my point is always proven correct, true, near godhead.

In the coming weeks we’ll have a lot of things to say and links share regarding the 2010 college season.  But I wanted to get in first. So, please, take 20 minutes to listen to a great interview with Portland coach and associate director of soccer Garrett Smith.

Some highlights:

  • The legacy of Clive Charles and what it means to be Associate Director of the program he helped build.
  • Sophie Schmidt is going to kill in her senior season.
  • Michelle Cruz is proven on youth levels and he’s hoping that she’ll do the same for UP.
  • Portland’s substitution philosophy is thus: they play the 11 that they think will win and don’t sub unless it’s not working; they’re preparing players for the rigors of international play.

But what am I doing recounting this when YOU could be listening? Go! Go listen! Listen and learn.


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