And to think I was planning to write about the Pac-10…

Before the Cross-Conference Collector became the two-person, two-pronged project that it is today, it was my personal return to sports blogging. I’ve had an off and on relationship with such things over the years, but “Cross-Conference Collector” is the name that has stuck since 2008. These seven or eight months of working on the project with Joan are the most consistent that I’ve ever been with the blog.

For me, the name of this blog has personal significance. It stems from my preference for college sports and my affinity for conferences. I like that breakdown, I like the way it functions, and I like the way those affiliations and borders function. So, mainly, the name of the blog referred to how I “collect” teams to follow in various conferences, and that’s how I get to know those conferences and the teams within them.

But with the two of us here, “Cross-Conference” takes on added meaning. Joan is a Portland Pilots fan, and I, for all that I collect college teams, am first and foremost a Santa Clara Broncos fan. Portland and SCU are West Coast Conference schools, and both are religiously affiliated. In fact, all of the schools in the conference are affiliated with Christian denominations (mostly Catholic and most of those, Jesuit).

The SCU-Portland match-up is one of most important games of every fall season. These two schools are consistently the top of the conference. They have both won the national championship. Santa Clara has, on occasion, beaten UNC. This is the in-conference rivalry, and it’s generally televised. Are there other women’s college soccer rivalries that get that honor?

This year, our game is at Santa Clara on Sunday, October 24, on ESPNU. Regardless of how the rest of the season goes–Dear God, please spare the Broncos’ ligaments this year–this is the game Cross-Conference looks forward to.


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