Not all minnows can be Kiwis around here

Brief post on account of the recent long posts and a topic most pertinent to my interests.

In general, I have a tenuous emotional investment with DePaul. Academically speaking, we had a relationship that suffered from lack of communication. In terms of athletics, we are on a casually friendly basis. This takes into account my preference for Big East powerhouse Notre Dame, and the Santa Clara connections on the staff.

Tina Estrada’s graduate assistant position at with the DePaul women’s soccer team has ended, and she is now a full-time assistant coach under Erin Chastain. That is the good news, and I suppose I might eventually stop joking about Estrada making a return to the pitch. Even a Bronco can only take so many ACL tears before it’s the end of the line.

Despite the Santa Clara love, though, I can’t think of any reason to care about DePaul’s women’s soccer team yet. “No Respect for DePaul Women’s Soccer Team” gets props for a bold headline,  but I think it’s asking for too much, too soon. It’s not so much disrespect as it is being realistic about DePaul’s chances. It’s possible DePaul could scoot up to fifth, maybe even fourth if the stars are aligned, but it’s hard to imagine the Blue Demons contending with the top three in their division. Last year’s big in-conference wins were over Louisville and Georgetown, and their first Big East Tournament ended after one game with USF.

No offense, DePaul. Knock off Nova or Rutgers, and we’ll talk.


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