Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 12 – Goes Round

Episode 12!!! Recorded: August 23, 2010


Intro Song: “I Do (King Most remix)” – Andre 3000

Ruth was drinking Yuengling.
Joan was drinking Mothership Wit.


  • Games
    • CHI 0 : 2 DC
    • ATL 3 : 2 BOS
    • PHI 0 : 1 SBFC
    • FCGP 3 : 2 CHI
  • Rookie of the Year?
    • Cheney
    • O’Hara
    • Taylor
    • Engen
  • Playoffs
    • FCGP, Philly, Boston, Washington
  • What to look forward to next year?
    • What team is on the chopping block?
    • The draft.
      • …can Poach be drafted again?

Song: “Painkillers (Flotilla Remix)” – Lauren Pritchard


  • Surprises?
    • Stanford’s tie with BU (or BC? it’s late)
      • BC – which is not AS surprising because BC is still underrated, but it really annoys me that Stanford is not as great out of the gate as they are on paper.
      • Lol, ex-Cal player scored for BU
    • Portland keeping it close
      • 1-0 win over Portland State; 2-1 win over Cal State Fullerton
      • Michelle Olivier   == K.C. from Degrassi??
    • UConn opened with two losses
      • 4-0 BC
      • 3-2 Sienna College (OT)
    • Notre Dame
      • Like Stanford, shakier than expected against Minnesota…
      • But cleaned up in game two (Milwaukee)
    • New Mexico 3-0 over Nebraska
      • Lambert had to miss the first two games of the season, including that one
  • Other Notables
    • Penn State beat WVU in WV
    • Cal tied Irvine 2-2
    • SCU beat San Diego State and San Jose State and opened their season with TWO WINS
    • Rutgers! Jonelle Filigno (Canada) is seriously back.
  • New section of the blog
    • Free webcasts
    • TV schedule
    • Online media
  • Our Game Magazine rankings and predictions

Song: “Carnival Kids” – Futureheads


  • Oct. 28-Nov. 8  in Cancun
    • The eight-team competition, formerly known as the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup, will send both finalists to the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany while the tournament’s third-place finisher will face the fifth place team from Europe in a home-and-home series for a World Cup spot.
  • Group A: Mexico, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana
  • Group B: US, Costa Rica, Haiti, Guatemala
  • Have we had enough losses, or is this US team as overrated as Greg Ryan’s was?
  • Facing China twice in October. PA and GA

Outro: “Drinking Again” – Haley Bonar

5 Responses to Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 12 – Goes Round

  1. teamongolia says:

    Nikki “The Best” Marshall was converted to defender by Ellis in 2007, not DiCicco in 2008. [/obsessive]

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