Domain’d up! (also: follow us)

If you normally visit our site through your typical web browser, you may have noticed something different. We got a domain name! You can now find the Cross-Conference Collector through Since we have what is now the only regularly updated women’s soccer podcast out there, I thought it was time we put some big-girl clothes on.

Now that you have generously given your attention, I’d like to take a moment to let you know where you can find us on the web.

You’re already reading our blog, but if you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to the RSS feed using your preferred feed reader.

We always make a post here whenever there is a new episode of our podcast, the Cross-Conference Cast, but if you can also subscribe to the podcast RSS feed.  If you use iTunes to catch your pods, you can subscribe there, too.

Cross Conference Collector is on Twitter: @CrossConference. Our micro-reflections on the state of women’s soccer go there.  We are both on Twitter under personal accounts: Joan (@joanofdark) talks some soccer, some knowledge work stuff, and things about capoeira.  Ruth (@kelseyspajamas) talks about writing, soccer, and the joys of being in PA after two years in the exile that is grad school.

Thank you to our loyal, smart, and good-looking readers and listeners.  You guys are really terrific.


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