Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 14 – Urban Farming and Health Class

We can’t leave episode 13 up for long. So we have a new pod RIGHT AWAY.  We were fortunate enough to be joined by Alex Mendenhall from Swirl Radio. Do take some time to listen to her show. She recently had a great interview with Red Star Ella Masar.
Extended shownotes after the jump.
“So Much Better” – Moxie Black

Commish gone?

  • Quotes
  • But Rochester/Buffalo approved!


  • DC – Philly
    • [winner] v Boston
      • Boston v FCGP

The Bee in Hope Solo’s Bonnet


  • O’Hara getting an MRI on her quad or something – was smiley on crutches, though
  • Lohman came out, needed to ice her ankle, looked upset

“Jump Up In The Air” – Erykah Badu

De Vanna – Facebook thing.

“Girl I’m Like Damn” – Bad Rabbits


  • UCLA beat Notre Dame, Brown beat Monmouth, Miami beat WVU, Boston U beat William & M
  • Nova beat Wake Forest
  • Wash beat PSU, not an upset anymore

“100 Anos” – Falamansa


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