Episode 13 – Out of Towners

The latest Cross-Conference podcast, Out of Towners is available now.  It was recorded on Thursday and because of everything that’s happened this weekend, I think we’ll be recording a bonus pod today.
Shownotes after the cut :
“See A Penny (Pick It Up)” – YACHT

WTF OMG WPS Cuts Staff

  • WPS hired Melanie Fitzgerald as WPS’s manager of league operations to replace Harvey
  • Who is left of the people we remember?


“Back and Forth” – Operator Please

“Hold Yuh (Freestyle)” – Wale


  • BYU is Mormon! And has a football team! (which is staying independent)
  • BYU also has a decent record against strong conference teams, this season and previously


  • We don’t care about Oklahoma State-Oregon
  • Notre Dame is 4-0 to start the season and sees UCLA next
  • UCLA has a loss to Northwestern?
  • Penn State is 1-3-1, can’t even beat UCONN
  • Santa Clara’s loss on the season is to Notre Dame, which is amazing considering Vernon and Poach are missing and Klei isn’t starting
  • Viginia and Boston College unbeaten; FSU lost to Auburn 3-2 OT
  • Stanford pulled ties against Stanford and UNC, but won their other games
  • “Interesting side note, UConn has played double-OT in all of its games in 2010.” Sigh.
  • Portland undefeated; doesn’t score in first half ever
  • UNC is doing fine
    • Not number one? DISCUSS.
  • Auburn defeats FSU

Natalie Spilger

“Floor Wax” – DJ Zeph


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