Episode 15 – Mildly Inspirational

Shownotes after the break
  • Intro: “The Kill”  – Donnis
  • Transition 1: “Not The Drinking” – Lauren Pritchard
  • Transition 2: “Losing Patience” – Operator Please
  • Closing: “Holding You Down (Remix)” – Jazmine Sullivan
  • Playoffs
  • Tina DiMartino for Philly MVP
  • Hope Solo got back to tweeting immediately after surgery – SO OPPRESSED
    • Also, pinkberry
  • The Actual New York franchise
    • Will we really have 8 teams for all of next year?
  • Antonucci gone for real
  • Gabarra out
    • And in unsurprising news, Bompastor wants to focus on the WWC


  • Portland-Stanford
  • Augh, Penn State
    • Still augh!
  • SCU’s kneeeees
    • One confirmed ACL tear and it’s not Poach
    • Game against Oregon, LaPonte
  • UNC… is ranked third?


  • Bachmann’s acting career has really taken off
    • Kaz could win again.
  • Brown’s red card was rescinded
  • Have we talked about this? Sweden, England, Norway, and France qualified for WWC
  • NZ beat Vanuatu 14-0


  • Visits from Solo Claus
  • Sauerbrunn in, Lohman (?) out
  • Heath not playing; Lloyd is running

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