Episode 16 – Dr. Boss

We recorded a new episode on Friday. Due to circumstances, I was unable to edit it right away, but I finally have and it is available now. (mp3 version: )

We had a special guest for part of it, in forward Tiffany Weimer.  Ruth and I have been big Tiffany Weimer fans for a long time (Ruth more so than I, probably), and it was really great to have her on.  There was a lot more of the conversation that got cut out, hopefully we can get to those bits on a later episode.

8 Responses to Episode 16 – Dr. Boss

  1. Tegan says:

    You’re right, haters are gonna hate when it comes to Pinoe. They just are never gonna get it. Name me a more skilled player on the National Team. The thing I don’t get is the Lloyd hate. Granted, she hasn’t been playing her best and coming off her ankle injury and all, but I thought she definitely had some good moments throughout both matches. Why is everyone so quick to judge Carli and think Pia could find anyone else to fill her attacking mid spot?

    As a SBFC fan, I’m kind of uneasy about Gabrarra coming over here. Him and DiCicco are the two coaches I absolutely could not stand over the past season. Interesting to see how this will go down…

    • Joan says:

      I don’t have any hate for Lloyd, I just find her incredibly frustrating. Two rough years in the WPS doesn’t have me sold on her for qualifying. Coming off a broken ankle, she’s not ready for 90 minutes at the national level yet.

      I feel like Pia’s been going through the motions when it comes to a central midfielder. It shouldn’t be about “finding a replacement for Lloyd” but rather giving some very worthy players a chance to be in that position, and treating it like it’s something they can truly compete for, rather than having them be placeholders until Carli comes back.

      • Tegan says:

        Obviously Osbourne is coming off of her own injury on the back end of the WPS season, so that leaves questions about how fit she’ll be coming in and how her game will look, much like Lloyd. I’ve always considered Osbourne a true defensive mid, just as I consider Boxxy a true defensive mid. I don’t think Pia has many options outside of Lloyd and Lindsey to fill that attacking mid role. I really think that Pia is waiting for Lloyd to get back into top form; how quickly people forget Lloyd’s heroics in the 2008 Olympics, although it was 2 years ago. No other names really strike me when thinking of true attacking midfielders, as Pia plays the typical 4-4-2.

  2. amy says:

    Once again, great, entertaining pod. Totally in agreement on the “U40s.” For me, O’Reilly was the most consistent player by far, and funny how the only other quality contribution came from a college player. The rest just looked uninspired and like they didn’t play on the same team. If Osborne doesn’t make it back in there, I will probably cry.

    Btw – y’all had Tiffany Weimer on the show and hardly let her get a word in??!! Maybe she was tired from practice? Next time ask some more questions to get her going. Would have loved to hear more about her time with the Breakers and at Penn State. Looking forward to some more great guests in the future!

    • Joan says:


      She was tired, but we definitely let Tiff talk. Her appearance was VERY impromptu (we invited her last-minute, and were delighted/surprised when she agreed) and we didn’t have much prepared other than what we were already going to talk about, a mistake we’ll correct next time.

      She did share quite a bit with us, unfortunately, a lot of it was not really useable within the framework of the episode. Bits of it might appear later and we plan on having her on again in a more structured environment.

      • amy says:

        Don’t worry, it wasn’t meant as a harsh criticism – I just wanted to rib you a little. Really glad to hear her on the pod.

        About the midfielders (from the other comment), I totally agree with you. We should really be putting people in there who can possess the ball and make good passing decisions. I’d like to see I formation more similar to Boston’s with Osborne in there (and no Lloyd at all until she proves she deserves it). It bothers me that Pia keeps giving the same players who haven’t been playing as well in WPS a chance while ignoring others – including college players. Also, this doesn’t motivate wnt players to improve their game if they know they will be called in (and start, even!) regardless. Seems like she made up her mind over a year ago and can’t change it.

        • Joan says:

          I appreciate any feedback we get, believe me. Criticism is surely warranted. I’m mostly disappointed we weren’t on the ball when we had someone we’ve respected for a really long time.

          And it really seems true about Pia making up her mind. At least she finally recognizes that Lloyd takes a lousy corner kick.

    • vRm says:

      I would just like to second what Joan said–entirely impromptu. We were just starting to record when I noticed Tiff was around and suggested she join us. So this one is on me. I wasn’t entirely joking when I said we held her hostage for about two hours. I think you can expect to hear more from her on our podcast in the future. We are also hitting a space constraint at podbean, so we have to prioritize certain other interviews this month. I’m sure Tiff would agree that it’s better to delay on her material until it is better polished, especially under these circumstances.

      That said, I absolutely intend to talk to her more about her pre-WPS days. She is a big part of why I am a PSU fan, which is a whole story unto itself.

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