Special Episode 02 – Keelin Winters interview

On Monday, we at Cross-Conference Collector had the opportunity to talk to one of our favorite young players, Keelin Winters. She was nice enough to take time away from her studies and training to chat with us and you can listen that interview here.

Keelin is currently in her senior year at Portland. I’ve been a big fan of Keelin’s since her first year at Portland, when she won WCC freshman of the year. It was great to see her and the rest of the team step up in a year when the Pilots suffered some major injuries. Since then, Keelin’s gotten better each year. Named captain of the 2008 U-20 Women’s National Team, Keelin missed the Pilots post season that year, but won the World Cup in Chile.

Keelin was very open about the things the Pilots are working on, her experience of the UP-SCU rivalry, her time with the youth national team and where we might see her in the future.

After the interview, I took the opportunity to dig up my favorite Keelin-related quote:

Last night we watched “Planet Earth – Sharks.” The shark jumped about 37 feet in the air to eat the sea lion. We pretended that the sea lion was Argentina and the shark was Keelin.

One Response to Special Episode 02 – Keelin Winters interview

  1. vRm says:

    I am so glad you included that quote. I was going to ask you about it last night. Great minds!

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