Special Episode 03 – Lisa Sari


Lisa Sari (UP Athletics)

Pilots Assistant Coach Lisa Sari (UP Athletics)


We keep it coming!  On Wednesday, we got to talk to Lisa Sari, assistant coach for the Pilots.  That conversation is available on our podcast now.

I’m pretty sure every Pilot fan would list Lisa as one of their top favorite Pilots. She was relentless on the field; very tough and very savvy.  When I think defensive midfielder, I think about someone who protects the back four, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who got the job done for the Pilots better than Sari.

Lisa is an assistant coach now, after spending the WPS’ inaugural season with the LA Sol. She shared her insights about the UP-SCU rivalry from the perspective of a player and a coach. I keep on talking about how thrilled I am to talk to each player, and it’s no lie.  It’s a real treat to talk to folks we admire. I think each interview demonstrates why we think they’re so great and this interview with Lisa Sari is no exception.


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