Special Episode 04 – Julie (Ryder) Juarez interview


Julie (Ryder) Juarez

photo by firebugg@webshots


After opening the rivalry project with three Pilots, we spoke to former Bronco goalkeeper Julie (Ryder) Juarez. As the starting keeper from 2003-2005, Julie faced Portland’s offense four times, including a penalty kick shootout her freshman year. Due to injury, Julie was on the bench in 2006, her senior season. Julie has since returned to Santa Clara as an SID for men’s water polo and women’s soccer.

Despite her busy schedule, Julie was very willing to chat with us and had a lot of great stories to share about the rivalry, Santa Clara, and women’s soccer in general. As an SID, she had some unique insights about one of our favorite Cross-Conference topics: online media.

Having the opportunity to talk to Julie was a big deal for me, personally. Julie is “my” original keeper, the first GK at any level of the sport to make me sit up and pay attention. Paying attention to keepers gave me a better appreciation for the backline; paying attention to Santa Clara’s backline gave me a better appreciation for my team as a whole. Santa Clara’s defense has a distinct character, making it not only one of my favorite aspects of the team, but one of my favorite parts of the college game.

I’m not sure we properly expressed this in our call, but we have a huge appreciation for the work Julie is doing as an SID. Without people like her, we wouldn’t have the live stats, webcasts, or access to women’s soccer that we currently do. The game this year is being broadcast on ESPNU, and Julie is part of making that happen.

3 Responses to Special Episode 04 – Julie (Ryder) Juarez interview

  1. WoSo95 says:

    All the interviews have been great, but I love that this one covered not just The Topic – UP-SCU rivalry – but went far afield as well. (Long rambling podcasts FTW!) She mentions how hard the ’99ers worked to promote the sport before and after the 1999 Women’s World Cup, and it makes me think about how much things have changed since then: media, sports, fans, players, *the world*.

    On the one hand, Portland’s won two College Cups since then (and SCU’s had their chances, too), they along with Stanford and UCLA have shown that west coast soccer is formidable, but for women’s soccer as a whole, it sometimes feel like we’re starting over in the early 1990s, and now we’re having to rebuild the fan-base, but through social media this time.

    • Joan says:

      I loved talking to Julie and veering off topic. She has such a great energy and a lot of things to say about women’s soccer.

      I would have liked to take the same approach with the others, but those were slightly different circumstances. Cori’s was similar to Julie’s, but because of my recording mistake, it had to be edited down a lot. Lisa Sari was just getting into work (we had to schedule a 9:30AM interview), and Keelin, Amanda, and Maxine are all students first, so we didn’t want to take up too much of their time.

      • WoSo95 says:

        Oh, I didn’t mean to be critical – just getting an interview at all is a coup, and, I’m sure, a logistical triumph. Sometimes, things work out even better than planned, and Julie’s was one.

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