Lists for the week/weekend

This is the end of a very busy weekend at the end of a very busy week. Here is a list of entries I want to pretend I have written about for Cross-Conference:

  • Penn State games I watched: Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin. Most of my commentary is for Nairn, Hayes, and that Wisconsin game. However, it was very nice today to see that Penn State got the road win over Illinois, 2-0.
  • Notre Dame: clinched the division, drew UConn and Georgetown, beat Villanova. I was at the Nova game and had good things to say about the fans (the children!), notable things about the freshmen, and the random point of seeing Philadelphia Independence’s Riley and Magnusdottir there. Villanova, you need to update your website.
  • My issues with Pia’s college call-ups the past two years, namely Alex Morgan. I get that when you are called, you go, because that is what every female soccer player aims for, but I have more reasons than just disliking the WNT for Alex Morgan to have stayed with Cal.
  • On the topic of the USWNT: why it might be a good thing for the US to not qualify outright for the World Cup.
  • Portland vs Santa Clara. I am torn between actually talking about the game and only talking about Santa Clara, because the ESPNU commentators basically ignored the home team in a game where they kept possession percentages close. I’m sorry, the Broncos are not props for your Pilot narratives to knock over.
  • Pretty much all of my favorites and least favorites in the ACC. Things are so weird this season.
  • A revisit of my post on teams to watch this season.
  • Also, a check-in with the U-20s.

It’s hard to know which should be written first, or at all.

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