The Biggest Game of the Year, Part 3: What was THAT?

It’s been a few days. I enjoyed the win, really I did. Both Ruth and I will have things to say about it in later posts and the podcast. (As far as the result, I feel as though it could be summed up this way: Portland’s best scoring chance was decided by no one but themselves and, unfortunately, Santa Clara let theirs be decided by the referee.)

But there was this nagging thought: 695? Seriously, Santa Clara supporters, What Was That? What was THAT?

In high school debate, we used a lot of words to describe the “status quo,” or the situation that our resolutions were proposing to eliminate. Two of those words come to mind when thinking about that attendance number: travesty and unacceptable.

I don’t think at any point we (read: I) were exaggerating when we made the claim that the Santa Clara-Portland rivalry was the greatest, most intense rivalry in women’s soccer. I don’t know that last Sunday was its best showing. It was a good game, honestly. Not the best in the rivalry that I’ve seen, but certainly the best combined field performance by both teams since 2006. It’s hard to get an away win and Portland certainly earned it, but I can’t help thinking that, well… it could have been harder.

Oh, Bronco supporters. It’s said the crowd can be the 12th player. After fighting through years of injuries and three years of losses to Portland, that team needed you. Those girls deserve better. Your team deserves better.

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