Episode 17 – Rival Schools United By Podcasts

Kendall Johnson and Maxine Goynes

New Episode! Recorded October 27,2010 and it is alive with lengthiness! This is our first proper episode since the UP-SCU project. We had a lot to say about the game this year and the coverage from ESPNU.

(About the title: If you don’t know what Rival Schools means you should be ashamed to not know and spend time around pimply Best Buy employees who can tell you all about it.)

Full show notes after the jump:


  • “DJ Play The Beat (feat. Estelle)” – Swizz Beatz
  • “Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box” – Punch Brothers
  • “Runaway (The Jackals Remix)” – Kanye West
  • “Sobe a Poeira” – Nation Beat


  • WCC: Portland-SCU!
    • Why were the announcers so schtum about the Broncos?
    • How pissed was Brandi?
  • PAC-10: UCLA WTF?
  • ACC:
    • UNC has lost two games in conference.
    • Boston finally won again… after losing 3-0 to DUKE
    • Virginia and MD on a roll
  • Big 10: I don’t get it, Penn State
  • Conference playoffs!
    • Big East: Notre Dame might actually have something to worry about



  • WCQ roster is blah blah blah
    • Differences between this and 2007?
      • Slightly LESS Abby-ball this time
  • Webcasteded.
  • Canada coverage.
  • Way to screw Cal, Pia

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