Episode 18 – The Integrity of Our Podcast


It seems that almost any shocking news that could happen in women’s soccer happened this past week. Except for evil twins and secret pregnancies. For now, I think. But we have a new episode.


  • “Sweet Marie” – The Anniversary
  • “Rye Whiskey” – Punch Brothers”
  • “I’m Not Your Toy (DatA Remix)” – La Roux
  • “Need To Be” – Babbletron


  • Ruth: Gin & tonic
  • Joan: Rye whiskey + ginger ale + lemon

CONCACAF Qualifying

  • CANvTrinidad
    • N’Sinc
    • Sinc does not need to score for Canada to play well.
    • HI MARIBEL. Hi.
  • Mexico = muy bueno
  • USAvHaiti
    • 5-0 snorefest
  • USAvGuatemala
    • Whatevs.
  • shit sandwich.
    • The US mentality was that they had already qualified. They needed this wake-up call. They didn’t treat this game like a must-win and when they went down early, they had no idea what to do.
    • Tony DiCicco on US development.
    • It was no fluke. Cuellar has stuck with this team for ever, and it’s paying off for him.
    • On ESPN2 and ESPN360: Nov. 8, 2010 @ 6 p.m. ET


  • UND vs UConn
    • Mystery Team: Taylor Knaack was dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. She remains enrolled at Notre Dame and is on track to graduate in the spring.
  • SCU = WTF this time
    • Lost 2-0 to LMU on Senior Day, lost to Pepperdine today 3-2.
  • Portland
    • Tied SMC 1-1.
    • Still wins WCC
  • PAC-10
    • Stanford clinches.
  • ACC


Call to action!

4 Responses to Episode 18 – The Integrity of Our Podcast

  1. WoSo95 says:

    Can’t remember a week when so much happened in women’s soccer, last week feels like months ago. Up is down! Black is white! Dogs and cats getting all smoochy!

    Spot on about USWNT, development and lack thereof, etc. Now do we take what DiCicco said two years ago seriously? Or do we beat Costa Rica, edge Italy on aggregate and forgot all this happened until we do poorly in the World Cup, and find someone to blame for that ‘fluke’? Oy – I’m getting bitter.

    The feeling I get watching them is that they’ve practiced the whole match out before hand – this run, that pass, all at about 80% speed – and when it comes to it they can’t deal with the other team messing the plan up. There’s no reaction, no flexibility. Can a team be solipsistic? That reminds me: do they still have a sports-psychologist

    Not sure Mexico really is all that (yet) – how they come out against Canada in the final today will be very telling. I just want a good match, really.

    Good to hear Knaack isn’t in a dark basement somewhere. OK!

    This ACC-FSU thing is getting really weird, frankly. This feels like just the start of a big story – how powerful are the conferences, how necessary are they? Is this a move on ACC’s part to settle down all the conference-jumping that’s been going on lately – FSU women’s soccer as an example to show the other sports? If so, it seems counterproductive.

    Big questions! Some to be answered soon, some we won’t be able to take apart for a long time to come.

  2. amy says:

    Ruth’s USWNT rant was so passionate, she almost had me fooled that she was actually a fan. I welcomed this result, also, as a wake-up call but it was surprising to see EVERYONE playing so horribly. Unfortunately, it seems like Pia has a stubborn streak and seems to lack any sort of “tough love” instincts so I’m not confident she will make enough (or the correct) changes unless there is a greater force pressuring her to do so. Does USSoccer care enough to do it? Despite the #1 ranking, many have seen the writing on the wall for some time but they seem oblivious. Fail.

    In WPS news, it looks like the Red Stars and Boston have not met the payment deadline either and need new investors (see Equalizer soccer).

    On the bright side, loved the comments about leadership development in the college system.

    Btw – have you noticed that all’s quiet on the Hope Solo twitter account front? Did she finally realize she is incapable of shutting up, or is she stuck under a rock somewhere? Strange times we live in.

    • amy says:

      ok, so Hope didn’t miss the game tonight and is back at it with some positive words for the team and some, um, choice words for Foudy:
      “Oh foudy, please stop talking about goalkeeping. Just stick with lil, abby and 99. You got that down to a T!”

    • vRm says:

      “Almost” being the key word! I think it was the gin talking. Yeah, it was the gin. I can’t believe Joan let me go on that long.

      Thanks for listening to the podcast and commenting. :)

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