Penn State, probably lucky to get 13th

That's right, 2010 - the alumni were watching all along.

I know I have been hard on Penn State this season. They have been painful to watch when they are on TV and sometimes worse to follow online–not for lack of coverage, but because they are a very good team that constantly came up short. 2010 has been nerve-wracking and frustrating.

Today Penn State played Michigan at home to close the regular season. A win would give PSU a share of the regular season title, and a tie or loss would leave the whole title to Ohio State. The fact that this 2010 team had clawed its way back into this position meant that the least I could do was watch the game… and both overtime periods. It was worth it to not only finally see them pull out a win this season, but to also claim their share of yet another Big Ten title, and in such dramatic fashion.

The 13th straight title is the most in Big Ten women’s athletic history, besting the Michigan swimming & diving teams of the 1990s. Currently, Northwestern tennis has a chance to match Penn State’s feat this spring, but for the time being, the Nittany Lions are atop of the heap.

Schaefer’s first collegiate goal was last year against Virginia in the NCAA Tournament on Nov. 15, 2009, but this goal was even bigger and may have clinched the Nittany Lions’ berth to this year’s NCAA Tournament. Penn State is co-champs with Ohio State, who clinched the Conference’s automatic bid the NCAA tourney on Friday.

Coach Walsh phrases it best in her interview:

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