NCAA Tournament Webcasts

The tournament is upon us! Technically, it started yesterday at UCLA, but the bulk of first round action happens today. First up will be Penn State vs Penn in West Virginia at 3:30 ET. You know I am invested in that one. Although, my biggest concern today is that Notre Dame learned from the past month and put a hurting on New Mexico instead of the Irish fans.

Here is the bracket, and here are the webcasts, all in one tidy (free!) bundle. The Portland Pilots have their games here. You know you want to watch the Purple.

2 Responses to NCAA Tournament Webcasts

  1. WoSo95 says:

    If I remember correctly, the matches are only archived for a short time (a few days, maybe a week?) I couldn’t find anything on the site to indicate this – do you remember, or have you found anything on that?

    Bottom line, though: watch them while you can.

    • vRm says:

      I’m not sure. Even sites that claim to archive rarely seem to have *working* archives, so I just count on that not happening. Not helpful, buy yeah, watch while you can!

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