First Annual Cross-Conference Holiday Gift Giving Guide

As David Sedaris wrote, Christmas means giving. WPS teams are in danger this year, but we can still find time to celebrate and give. This is our first year writing the blog, and I thought I would take the opportunity to create a guide for gift purchases this season.

For the women’s soccer fan who can stomach Anson, Book: The Man Watching

For the soccer fan who wants the best book on soccer ever written, Book: The Ball Is Round

For the fan not averse to risk-taking: 2011 Tickets

  • Don’t live near one of the four WPS towns? Donate the tickets to a charity or nonprofit, like GONZO SOCCER.

For any Chicago Red Stars fan:

For the green-conscious or Chicago Red Stars fan: Green Laces

For the national team coach: Flexible Desk-size Vertebral Column Item #: CS85X

For your favorite Chicago Red Stars midfielder: Dep Sport Endurance Gel, Intense Hold, Level 11, 12 oz

For the WCC fan: anything from

For your favorite goalkeeper:

For your favorite Swiss forward: Actors on Acting: The Theories, Techniques, and Practices of the World’s Great Actors, Told in Their Own Words, though be aware she actually may be a contributor.

One Response to First Annual Cross-Conference Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  1. Roger says:

    Brilliant! Had a good spit-take from “Statistics in Plain English”. Thanks for the entertainment here and on the podcast. Happy Holidays!

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