About the Authors

Joan Stewart graduated from the University of Maryland in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Library Science. She mentions this first because it’s possibly the only thing she’s got going for her right now. She is currently a public librarian and freelance knowledge wrangler living in the Midwest. Joan supports the Portland Pilots, the Chicago Red Stars, AS Roma and the United States. Her extra-curricular activities include cycling, cooking, capoeira, Degrassi. She can be found on Twitter and on her personal site. If anyone asks, she is terrific at basketball.

Ruth Moore (signed “vrm” on the blog) is a writer living and educated in Pennsylvania. She is currently working on an anthology of short fiction and contemplating graduate school. She supports the Santa Clara Broncos, and maintains a healthy interest in Notre Dame, Virginia, Stanford and Penn State–sometimes in sports other than soccer. Outside of soccer, she enjoys road trips, ska music, hoodies, and coffee. She can be found on Twitter and around Tumblr.

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