Youth national teams round-up for early July.

This Men’s World Cup Final is both boring and endless, so I am sweeping through today’s links. US Soccer likes to hoard the women’s YNT news.

U-17 News

  • I love the Nordic Cup, but I’m used to having one at the U-23 level. This year, the US U-17s are competing in one, using a very different team from the one that went to qualifiers.
  • They opened with a 6-0 win over the Netherlands, including an own goal and a penalty kick.
  • Then they were 3-0 over Denmark.
  • They closed the group 2-1 over Norway.
  • A 2-0 win over Germany secured the championship. I cannot express how disappointed I am that the US won’t be competing in September.

U-23 News

  • As with most women’s soccer, it’s easier to find these results anywhere but US Soccer. But the U-23s, without a Nordic Cup for the second year in a row, are in England for a Four Nations tournament.
  • They opened 3-0 over England.
  • They dropped 2-1 to Norway, essentially off an own-goal by Lauren Fowlkes. She was subbed out soon after that. I’m sure only two other people will find this amusing. The next game is against Sweden on Monday.

U-20 Women’s World Cup News

  • Germany’s Marozsan injured her ankle and is questionable for the opening match, which is already sold out. I think the Germany-France game is sold out as well.
  • New Zealand is prepping for Sweden, and I psyched myself up for that last night…
  • …starting with this video, then a bunch from their U-17 days. I know. That’s a lot. There are more, but I doubt anyone finds that as cool as I do.
  • Then there’s this video from the US team. It has a lot of my favorite keeper and Doctor Quon.
  • Unfortunately, the US U-20s currently have to share the blog with the full national team, and the tagging system is not that convenient. Could the seniors please hurry up thrashing Sweden so we can get back to the important things in life?