Episode 20 – Kaley Keeley Kelley

We have a (somewhat) brief episode for this week! This is a chance to discuss the final four before they play this weekend.


  • “Une Americaine a Paris” – Rupa & the April Fishes
  • “Take ‘Em Up” – Shit Robot
  • “Pretty Girl Rock (remix; feat. Kanye West)” – Keri Hilson
  • “I’ve Been Trying” – DJ Shadow


  • Georgetown-OSU (2-0)
  • Notre Dame-OK State (2-0)
    • Both goals by a freshman
      • Elizabeth Tucker
  • BC-Washington (1-0 in OT)
  • Stanford-FSU (5-0)
    • 5 different scorers
  • Final Four -1,2,3,4 seeds
    • Stanford-BC
      • BC’s first final four
      • Stanford’s 3rd consecutive
    • Notre Dame-Ohio State
      • OSU are first timers
      • ND’s 5th consecutive, 12th overall
      • OSU-ND have met five times previously, ND winning them all (last in 02)


  • Job done, for now
  • Have the necessary messages been received?
    • Did the lineup change? There was no Alex Morgan…


  • Mark Washo (DC GM) steps down
    • “Washo leaves Freedom to join Playbook Management International as its Managing Partner. Playbook Management International (PMI) is a full-service sports and entertainment agency, founded by former FC Dallas and Pizza Hut Park General Manager, Michael Hitchcock.”
  • Western NY
    • Picks up Kaley Fountain & Beverly G.

Episode 19 – Punishment Is Imminent

In our latest episode, recorded Wednesday, the NCAA D-1 women’s soccer tournament causes tears, exaustion and pain. The US Women’s National Team will play in Italy. FC Gold Pride is gone, but WPS soldiers on.

Action Items:

  • Give us a mystery to solve. Send your mysteries to crossconference@gmail.com.
  • Rate us on iTunes.


  • “Down By the Water (Skinny Friedman remix)” –  The Drums
  • “All That” – A1
  • “Girl, Here’s Another Lie” – Ultimate Fakebook
  • “Sandcastle Disco” – Solange

NCAA Tournament!

  • Seeds out
    • Maryland
      • Wake is, too – FYI, ACC (conf. tournament finalists)
    • Portland
      • Who’s fault?
        • Mine
        • Garrett’s
        • Everyone’s (for booting Sweeney)
  • Stanford
  • UC Irvine – All the way
  • UND @ UNC
    • Against USC, Notre Dame looked like a real Irish team for the first time this season
  • St. Mary’s senior goalkeeper on SMC’s season and last game against Portland


  • Italy trip
    • They’ve never won in Italy
    • Hope Solo says your statistics mean nothing
  • DiMartino, Osborne, Tarpley
  • Everyone is gushing about the performance of the young players on the USMNT against South Africa. Like, you know, DEVELOPMENTAL PLAYERS.
    • Yeah, they were excellent. And 4 years away from the next world cup.
    • This is astonishing and innovative and I’m not sure we’ve ever seen such a thing on the women’s side!


  • Bye, bye, bye FC Gold Pride?
    • No investors
    • A survivable loss for the WPS. DC? not so much.
  • Chicago?
  • Western New York is a go. Keeping “Flash”
  • I have thinky thoughts about advertising/fan involvement
    • Sort of along the lines of the old WNBA t-shirt design contest, but more extensive than that – like a marketing angle, but the league would have to give the fans access to high-quality images.

Interview: Kelsey Davis

I don’t think it’s a big secret that Ruth and I really like Kelsey Davis.  We’ve mentioned it before on the blog and possibly in every episode of our podcast.  When the opportunity to talk to Kelsey came up, we jumped on it, and I worked through the night to make the episode available for you today

Kelsey Davis (Photo by ohhh_yeah80)

Kelsey had a lot to say about the 2006 US team that competed in the U-20 Women’s World Cup in Russia, which is a particular topic of interest to Ruth and I, and what she said about that team and the coach surprised me.

In a Bleacher Report interview, Kelsey discusses some of her charitable work with the Ronald McDonald House, and we talked with her about that as well. Since the end of the season, she’s worked with teammate Natalie Spilger’s GreenLaces.

Kelsey was a Theology major at Portland, and she explained her interest in the topic quite passionately and eloquently.  Speaking personally, I think I could have asked her to keep talking about religious writers for a good hour.

It’s rare to have an engaging conversation about so many interesting topics with someone you admire. Talking with Kelsey was a real honor and a pleasure and I hope we get to do it again.

Kelsey on Twitter.

Writers mentioned in the interview:
Thomas Merton
Wendell Berry
Brennan Manning
Anne Lamott
Henri Nouwen
Jay Bakker
C.S. Lewis
St. Augustine
Julian of Norwich
(my small plug for David Dark)

Episode 18 – The Integrity of Our Podcast


It seems that almost any shocking news that could happen in women’s soccer happened this past week. Except for evil twins and secret pregnancies. For now, I think. But we have a new episode.


  • “Sweet Marie” – The Anniversary
  • “Rye Whiskey” – Punch Brothers”
  • “I’m Not Your Toy (DatA Remix)” – La Roux
  • “Need To Be” – Babbletron


  • Ruth: Gin & tonic
  • Joan: Rye whiskey + ginger ale + lemon

CONCACAF Qualifying

  • CANvTrinidad
    • N’Sinc
    • Sinc does not need to score for Canada to play well.
    • HI MARIBEL. Hi.
  • Mexico = muy bueno
  • USAvHaiti
    • 5-0 snorefest
  • USAvGuatemala
    • Whatevs.
  • shit sandwich.
    • The US mentality was that they had already qualified. They needed this wake-up call. They didn’t treat this game like a must-win and when they went down early, they had no idea what to do.
    • Tony DiCicco on US development.
    • It was no fluke. Cuellar has stuck with this team for ever, and it’s paying off for him.
    • On ESPN2 and ESPN360: Nov. 8, 2010 @ 6 p.m. ET


  • UND vs UConn
    • Mystery Team: Taylor Knaack was dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. She remains enrolled at Notre Dame and is on track to graduate in the spring.
  • SCU = WTF this time
    • Lost 2-0 to LMU on Senior Day, lost to Pepperdine today 3-2.
  • Portland
    • Tied SMC 1-1.
    • Still wins WCC
  • PAC-10
    • Stanford clinches.
  • ACC


Call to action!

Episode 17 – Rival Schools United By Podcasts

Kendall Johnson and Maxine Goynes

New Episode! Recorded October 27,2010 and it is alive with lengthiness! This is our first proper episode since the UP-SCU project. We had a lot to say about the game this year and the coverage from ESPNU.

(About the title: If you don’t know what Rival Schools means you should be ashamed to not know and spend time around pimply Best Buy employees who can tell you all about it.)

Full show notes after the jump: Read more of this post

Special Episode 05 – Amanda Poach and Maxine Goynes Interviews

Amanda Poach

Maxine Goynes

In a bonus double-episode for the Pilots-Broncos project, we spoke to Santa Clara’s Amanda Poach and Maxine Goynes. Amanda Poach is a sixth year senior, current captain, and as Cross-Conference followers know, a 2006 U-20 WNT player. Although she was drafted into WPS this spring, she returned to Santa Clara after being granted another year of eligibility. Maxine Goynes is a fourth year senior and former team captain. Listed as a forward this year, she has played up front and on the backline and logged significant minutes against Portland in the past three seasons. After scoring her second goal of the season this past weekend against San Francisco, she is really due a third against Portland on Sunday.

We encountered some technical difficulties the evening that we recorded these, and I apologize to the Broncos for that.

Special Episode 04 – Julie (Ryder) Juarez interview


Julie (Ryder) Juarez

photo by firebugg@webshots


After opening the rivalry project with three Pilots, we spoke to former Bronco goalkeeper Julie (Ryder) Juarez. As the starting keeper from 2003-2005, Julie faced Portland’s offense four times, including a penalty kick shootout her freshman year. Due to injury, Julie was on the bench in 2006, her senior season. Julie has since returned to Santa Clara as an SID for men’s water polo and women’s soccer.

Despite her busy schedule, Julie was very willing to chat with us and had a lot of great stories to share about the rivalry, Santa Clara, and women’s soccer in general. As an SID, she had some unique insights about one of our favorite Cross-Conference topics: online media.

Having the opportunity to talk to Julie was a big deal for me, personally. Julie is “my” original keeper, the first GK at any level of the sport to make me sit up and pay attention. Paying attention to keepers gave me a better appreciation for the backline; paying attention to Santa Clara’s backline gave me a better appreciation for my team as a whole. Santa Clara’s defense has a distinct character, making it not only one of my favorite aspects of the team, but one of my favorite parts of the college game.

I’m not sure we properly expressed this in our call, but we have a huge appreciation for the work Julie is doing as an SID. Without people like her, we wouldn’t have the live stats, webcasts, or access to women’s soccer that we currently do. The game this year is being broadcast on ESPNU, and Julie is part of making that happen.