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If you normally visit our site through your typical web browser, you may have noticed something different. We got a domain name! You can now find the Cross-Conference Collector through Since we have what is now the only regularly updated women’s soccer podcast out there, I thought it was time we put some big-girl clothes on.

Now that you have generously given your attention, I’d like to take a moment to let you know where you can find us on the web.

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Cross Conference Collector is on Twitter: @CrossConference. Our micro-reflections on the state of women’s soccer go there.  We are both on Twitter under personal accounts: Joan (@joanofdark) talks some soccer, some knowledge work stuff, and things about capoeira.  Ruth (@kelseyspajamas) talks about writing, soccer, and the joys of being in PA after two years in the exile that is grad school.

Thank you to our loyal, smart, and good-looking readers and listeners.  You guys are really terrific.

Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 10 – I Just Have a Lot of Feelings

Episode 10 is live!    Just assume we are right about everything. (Except that I said Lindsey Huie was a left midfielder. She was on the right. Mea culpa.)
  • “Deserts & Lezards” – La Caution & Chateu Flight
  • “Unpersuaded” – Moving Units
  • “Shame” – Lewis Taylor
  • “Bad For You” – Haley Bonar

Action Item:

Discussion points:

  • WPS results (SBFC fires their coach, Chicago Red Stars just make me angry AND disappointed and then also make some roster changes.)
  • U-20 Women’s World Cup (we were right about the US and delighted about Mexico)
  • Sydney Leroux and UCLA does nothing with talented players.
  • No, really. GARCIAMENDEZ.
  • We’ve come pretty far. We hope to get better. Thank you for listening!

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Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 09 – No Touching!

New Episode! We recorded mere hours before the Sky Blue FC coaching change, which actually doesn’t matter considering our general apathy towards the orange.

My co-editor is on vacation, living the life of the rich elite on the East coast, while I toil in middle America. All of this was made very clear in the hour we discussed:

  • WPS Action, including Ashlyn Harris’ coaching debut, Boston’s turnaround, and FCGP’s meteoric… extended stay at the top.
  • USWNT’s two games against Sweden.
  • U20 WWC and how much we looooooooove Mexico <3 <3 <3
  • Shek Borkowski leaves Zvezda
  • W-League update! Pali survived!
  • Utah does a scarf thing.
  • Kelsey Davis wins our award.

Cross-Conference ‘Cast – Episode 08 – You Don’t Own Me!

Episode 08 – You Don’t Own Me

Recorded July 5, 2010 (Happy Birthday, Rachael and Megan Rapinoe!!!): WPS inaction, Pali suffers, Nike sucks, U-20s have only just begun, USWNT roster confuses, and Tiff Weimer wins again!

Men’s World Cup chatter.




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